Why are Stan’s bees happy?

Well,  for starters they live on the top of a mountain range.  Toowoomba is situated on top of the Great Dividing Range,  which is about 140km west of Brisbane, Queensland Australia. The happy bees are placed on Rural properties near Toowoomba and are amongst natural bushland, well away from man-made sprays and insecticides. Furthermore, they are housed in well-maintained hives with plenty of insulation to protect them from hot and cold weather. Stans bees are never fed sugar syrup or antibiotics and they never have chemicals put into the hive.  In winter and times when there are no flowers to feed the bees, they are fed a Protein supplement which has probiotics and minerals to help their immune system and keep them healthy and away from disease. This product has is called “BeeFIX-Pro” and is made in Toowoomba by Stan and his friends. BeeFIX-Pro is being trialled with other beekeepers and will be available for sale very shortly. For more info on BeeFIX-Pro click here.